3D, inflated text that spells

Soobi is a funky displayface.

Introducing Soobi: a single-font display typeface that effortlessly adds a funky aura to your designs. With its unique letter anatomy, Soobi ensures smooth reading flow while maintaining a cool appearance. Drawing inspiration from alphabet soup letters, this font features squished and bloated shapes, reminiscent of noodles and soupy textures. The name "Soobi" perfectly captures its mouthwatering resemblance, infusing a playful touch into your designs. Choose Soobi for clear-cut and straightforward designs that leave a lasting impression.

Soobi is an ongoing project with new releases. The current release, Soobi 0.2, showcases a newly designed base Latin alphabet. The upcoming release, Soobi 0.3, will bring enhancements such as diacritics and an expanded set of punctuation, symbols, and marks. If you're interested in obtaining an updated release of your license, please refer to our FAQ for further instructions.

Progress on Soobi

Soobi is an ongoing typeface project released in versions, with the current version being 0.2. The latest release, version 0.2, brings significant improvements to the base alphabet, presenting a fresh approach with a broader counter structure. Notably, the capital O showcases these changes well. Stay tuned for upcoming updates as Soobi continues to evolve.


Flyers of letters from the Soobi typeface.

Versatile design with a quirky personality: Soobi enhances legibility and style factor.

Soobi is designed to be versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of design projects. Whether you're creating posters, logos, packaging, or even web designs, Soobi adds a touch of quirkiness and personality to your work.

Despite its unconventional shapes, Soobi ensures smooth reading flow. We have carefully balanced the proportions and spacing to maintain legibility while still delivering an eye-catching aesthetic. In many instances, certain letters may exhibit varying degrees of thickness. This deliberate decision aims to improve the reading experience by providing clearer differentiation for letters positioned at the start, middle, or end of a word.

A Soda can with a design that says Soobi in 3D text.
Pink and orange poster the say To The Moon, the type is cropped.
A vinyl record of an album made designed wiith Soobi. The text says a FUNKY FUNKY GROOVE.
Pink hardcover book with Soobi cut off on the cover.


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