Fonts Make a Difference for Your Brand, and Here’s Why

January 10, 2024
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Fonts play a pivotal role in shaping the identity of a brand. As designers, we comprehend the influence of visual elements; from colors to logos, every facet contributes to how people perceive a company and engage with its offerings. Yet, amidst these crucial elements, typography often takes a backseat. The fonts you opt for can convey volumes about your brand, significantly influencing recognition and recall. While goto fonts seem convenient, investing in a custom font tailored to your brand can yield substantial benefits.

Choosing a custom font goes beyond aesthetics; it provides creative control, ensures consistency across diverse platforms, and builds brand equity through a distinct asset. Over time, this carefully crafted font becomes an integral part of your visual identity, triggering a strong connection with your audience. If you aim to elevate your client's brand and set them apart, beginning with a custom font is the key. Fonts, indeed, make a difference for your brand!

Fonts Make a Difference in Your Brand Identity

The fonts you choose shape your brand's identity profoundly. The typefaces we select for our clients speak volumes about their personality and the experience they wish to offer. In new brand projects, we prioritize understanding the brand's character — traditional or cutting-edge, luxurious or accessible. Based on this, we meticulously pick typefaces that evoke the intended emotions and resonate with the brand's essence.

Sans Serif Fonts for an Open, Friendly Feel

A wide and round sans-serif typeface exudes openness and approachability. Its smooth curves create a welcoming atmosphere, ideal for brands looking to connect with their audience in a casual and relatable manner. This typeface establishes a friendly and inviting visual identity, fostering a genuine connection with the target audience.

Serif Fonts for a Polished, Prestigious Image

On the other end, a serif typeface with sharp serifs and corners exudes polish, prestige, and authority. Perfect for established brands aspiring to be industry leaders, this typeface's intricate details embody refinement and sophistication, enhancing the brand's image significantly.

Of course, the options are limitless. The key is to find fonts that reinforce and communicate your brand's unique personality. Typefaces aren't just letters on a screen; they represent your brand's voice, forging personal connections and shaping experiences — an invaluable connection for any brand.

How Typography Impacts Brand Personality and Recognition

As designers know, typography is one of the most crucial brand touchpoints. The fonts you choose directly influence how people perceive and recognize your brand's personality.


Each letter's shapes and curves in a typeface evoke a specific atmosphere. Round, flowing forms feel casual and friendly, while angular, geometric shapes exude a technical and serious vibe. Typeface designers meticulously craft fonts to convey a particular tone. Choosing a typeface that aligns with your brand's personality creates a seamless customer experience.

For instance, fun, quirky brand pairs well with a handwritten or expressive sans-serif font, while a luxury brand might opt for an elegant serif font. Your typeface should align with the experience you intend to create for your customers.


Typography aids significantly in brand recognition. Customers seeing your typeface triggers their memory of your brand, building familiarity and loyalty over time through repeated exposure.

While creating a custom-branded typeface involves an initial investment, it pays off. A tailored font helps your brand stand out, conveys your unique personality, and aids in building recognition among your customers. A custom typeface is the way for brands to make a bold statement.

Why You Should Invest in a Custom or Tailored Font for Your Brand

As brand strategists, we understand the importance of controlling every aspect of your brand. Investing in a custom or tailored font is one of the most impactful ways to achieve this. Here's why creating a unique typeface for your brand is a worthwhile investment:

It Gives You Agency Over Your Brand Image

Using a standard font available to everyone diminishes your control over your brand's portrayal. A custom font designed explicitly for your company lets you own a crucial part of your brand identity. Each letter becomes your signature, reflecting your brand's essence.

It Provides Peace of Mind

Once you invest in developing your font, you can use it as you wish indefinitely. You won't have to worry about licensing issues or the font becoming unavailable. Your brand gains a level of consistency and stability that isn't possible when relying on third-party fonts.

It Creates a Memorable Characteristic

A custom font gives your brand an iconic element that sets it apart from competitors. Brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, and Nike are instantly recognizable due to their tailored typography. Developing a bespoke font is a simple yet powerful way to create a unique brand asset, serving as an instant visual cue.

While creating a custom font demands an initial investment of time and money, the long-term benefits for your brand are invaluable. Control over your visual identity is crucial for presenting a cohesive brand image. A tailored typeface becomes your brand's signature, a vital tool for building awareness and loyalty among your audience. Developing a custom font should be a top priority for brand strategists seeking creative authority.

Examples of Brands That Use Custom Typography Effectively

Typography is fundamental in branding and visual communication. The typefaces a company chooses can evoke emotions, convey personality, and create recognition. Successful companies often invest in custom typography explicitly designed for their brand.

Discord utilizes a custom typeface called GG Sans, characterized by rounded, playful shapes that resonate with its casual and fun-loving community.

Apple is renowned for using SF Pro (San Francisco), a custom typeface with clean, minimal lines, reflecting Apple's sleek and modern design aesthetic. Consistently using these fonts across various platforms ensures a cohesive experience for Apple customers.

Zapier, the automation tool, employs a custom typeface called Degular, which has a quirky and personable feel. This choice injects personality into the brand, highlighting its ability to connect the dots for customers, helping Zapier stand out.

Custom typography offers a powerful means for brands to distinguish themselves. Carefully chosen or uniquely crafted fonts, reflecting a brand's character and principles, contribute to a remarkable and cohesive experience at every interaction. As designers, we should view custom typography as valuable for companies aiming to fortify their brand identity. The extra effort invested can yield remarkable outcomes.

At The End of The Day

Designers, our responsibility is to find the perfect font for our clients' brands. Each font has a personality, evoking emotional responses; hence, our choice is pivotal. The right font becomes an instant visual cue, a familiar friend eliciting recognition and loyalty. It signals to customers that they've discovered a brand they can trust.

Fonts are potent tools at our disposal. When utilized effectively, they create distinction in a crowded market, conveying a brand's essence through visual style. The next time a client asks us to "pick a font," we must recognize that our choice could impact their business profoundly. Our selections shape their brand identity, forming enduring connections with customers. For us and our clients, fonts truly make all the difference.

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